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Laboratory drainage system

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The drainage system shall be as short as possible, installed correctly and firmly without leakage, so as to make the pipeline operate normally. It is usually composed of the following parts. The drainage system consists of sanitary ware, drainage pipeline, cleaning equipment, pumping equipment, ventilation pipeline system and local sewage treatment system.
1) Sanitary ware: sanitary ware is the starting point of the internal drainage system of the building, which is used to meet various sanitary requirements in daily life and production, and to collect and discharge sewage and wastewater. Including washbasin, wash basin, washing basin, vegetable washing basin, bathtub, floor drain, etc.
2) Drainage pipe: it is composed of drainage pipe, horizontal branch pipe, riser, drainage pipe and main pipe connecting sanitary ware.
3) Cleaning equipment: the cleaning equipment on the drainage pipeline includes inspection well, cleanout and ground cleanout. The cleaning equipment of outdoor pipe is inspection well. The cleaning equipment is mainly used to dredge the drainage pipeline.
4) Pumping equipment: when the drainage cannot be discharged to the outdoor drainage pipe by gravity flow, local sewage pumping equipment must be set to discharge the internal sewage. Commonly used pumping equipment include sewage pump, submersible pump, jet pump, hand pump and pneumatic water conveyor.
5) Ventilation piping system:
The ventilation pipe is a system connected with the drainage pipe system, but there is no water in the pipe system. It has the function of making up air to strengthen the air circulation in the drainage pipe system, so as to control the pressure change, prevent the damage of the water seal of sanitary ware, and discharge the odor and harmful gas emitted from the pipe system into the atmosphere.
6) Local sewage treatment system: when the sewage inside the building is not allowed to be directly discharged into the municipal drainage pipe network or water body without treatment, a local sewage treatment system must be set.

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