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Classification of laboratory furniture: experimental platform

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Classification of laboratory furniture: experimental platform: plate central platform, steel wood unilateral experimental platform, all steel central platform, water bucket platform and sky platform; Test bench panel: corrosion-resistant physical and chemical board table top, fume hood series: plate through fume hood, steel wood ventilation fume hood, new all steel fume hood, floor type all steel fume hood; Cabinet series; Reagent cabinet, vessel cabinet, gas cylinder cabinet, safety cabinet, locker and shoe cabinet; Reagent rack: plate reagent rack, steel glass central reagent rack, waterproof socket and experimental bench; Laboratory professional bucket series: eye washer, emergency shower, laboratory faucet, laboratory cork series; Laboratory ventilation system: atomic suction hood and universal extraction hood; Office partition series: the perfect combination of office desk, office chair and office partition with 25mm base plate stainless steel table and steel cabinet, taking into account the requirements of the laboratory for cleanliness and load-bearing.
Since the establishment of Qingdao Zhongcheng laboratory equipment Co., Ltd. on July 6, 2011, with high-quality products, rich market experience and high recognition of demand groups, the distributed all steel test-bed has been in a position in the field of laboratory supplies. According to the understanding of the market, Zhongcheng laboratory equipment has integrated the company's development strategy and continuously expanded the sales market, with customer groups all over Hebei; Shanxi. Our supply of all steel test-bed has been praised by our customers.
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Looking forward to the future, we look forward to providing you with more sophisticated all steel test-bed and higher quality, comprehensive and more affordable prices, and building practical and characteristic products based on Qingdao. Zhongcheng laboratory equipment has professional and rich market experience. The sold all steel test bench will transport and distribute goods in time the next day. After the products are sold, it also provides high-quality after-sales service, which has laid a good foundation for the establishment of the company's brand while protecting the interests of customers.
Zhongcheng laboratory equipment mainly focuses on the production and research of all steel test-bed, with reasonable price, guaranteed quality and sound after-sales system. At present, Zhongcheng laboratory equipment gathers a group of professionals in the field of all steel test-bed and has accumulated a lot of experience, which is in a position in the field of laboratory supplies industry. The company always adheres to the idea of "focusing on quality and" to improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness for Hebei; Shanxi customers supply high-quality products.
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