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Design of intelligent control system in laboratory

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The intelligent operation of the laboratory includes environmental control, experimental equipment operation, energy consumption operation, etc.
1.1 the laboratory environment includes laboratory air pollutant control, laboratory temperature and humidity control, laboratory lighting control and basic equipment control.
The air pollutant manipulation in the laboratory has become a topic of general concern in the manufacturing industry. Cyclone manipulation is the core of the air pollutant manipulation in the whole laboratory. For the laboratory, in order to fully ensure that the pollution does not leak from the laboratory pollution to the area and even the surrounding natural environment, ensure the safety of the outdoor natural environment and the safety of personnel in the experimental process, it is necessary to create a stable and reliable air distribution and ensure the stability of the laboratory cyclone. So as to create a safe, reliable and reasonable natural barrier for safety protection. The manipulation of air pollutants is explained in the following lecture on laboratory occupational health examination.
Laboratory ventilation control system plays a key role in the operation of laboratory natural environment. It not only endangers the air pollutants in the laboratory, but also endangers the temperature and humidity in the laboratory and the comfort of personnel. The common exhaust volume control in the laboratory includes working pressure control and residual exhaust volume control.
The conventional physical chemistry laboratory adopts the residual exhaust air volume control method, which has the advantages that it is not affected by the outdoor environment, has low sensitivity to the discharge port, and can completely ensure the provisions of micro negative pressure for the physical chemistry laboratory.
If osmotic pressure is specified in clean room, animal room, microorganism and other laboratories, working pressure operation shall be selected, and osmotic pressure operation shall be carried out according to the standard design scheme. For the rooms with high regulations that cannot be leaked, it is proposed to select the mixed operation method of residual exhaust air volume and working pressure, which can prevent the harm of external pressure fluctuation to the laboratory working pressure operation.
The basic principle of natural ventilation operation is to achieve the provisions of the test natural environment according to the operation of centrifugal fan module and electric air valve. The centrifugal fan module includes refrigeration and heating control module, DC frequency conversion of centrifugal fan, start and stop of centrifugal fan, visual angle operation of electric air valve, etc.

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