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Daily management of Laboratory Machinery and equipment

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1. Laboratory Machinery and equipment is the fixed capital of the laboratory. All new machines and equipment must pass the engineering acceptance of the laboratory, engineering construction / purchase enterprise and engineering construction / purchase staff, and create material archives. The experimental instrument card is stored in the laboratory.
2. The enterprise's price is higher than the specified price range. Laboratory machines and equipment that can be used alone for more than one year are fixed assets. They must be carried forward and accounted for separately. The price is less than the required scope, but the service life is more than one year. The experimental instruments that can be used alone are low-value and consumable machinery and equipment, and the standing book and credit card shall be created. If the price is higher than the required scope and the service life exceeds one year, but it is not applied separately, a fixed assets withholding account and card should be established. If the price is above the required scope and can be applied independently, but the service life cannot ensure that the laboratory machinery and equipment above one year are consumables, a current account should be created.
3. The laboratory shall set up a professional or part-time experimental instrument storekeeper to ensure that the responsibility is assigned to the person, and the machinery and equipment shall ensure that the accounts, cards and materials are consistent The laboratory supervisors of each technical discipline and the keepers of large and medium-sized experimental instruments are responsible for storing the accessories, instructions and calibration samples of the experimental instruments. The machinery and equipment with an enterprise price of more than 100000 yuan belong to the machinery and equipment of the school management system. The laboratory has full-time personnel to undertake the application, maintenance and management methods of machinery and equipment.
4. For large and medium-sized high-precision machinery and equipment, be sure to create technical files and application maintenance, and make records during maintenance. There are safety operation procedures and application and maintenance rules and regulations, which shall be undertaken by the management personnel of large and medium-sized experimental instruments.
5. Management methods of colleges and universities every year. If large and medium-sized experimental instruments participate in the unified examination of colleges and universities, their managers must fill in the examination form according to the specific application status.
6. Without the consent of the laboratory director and the instrument and equipment director, the owner shall not transfer the special laboratory machinery and equipment of the laboratory to other laboratories.
7. Machinery and equipment that must be damaged for a long time should be reported to the hospital outpatient service in accordance with relevant requirements, and the competent authority of the university should apply for damage handling procedures.
8. For the management methods of low value and easy consumption, implement the application of Filing Rules and regulations. When picking up low value and consumable raw materials, be sure to indicate the main purpose, name, total number and name of the picking staff on the picking register, and create the warehouse entry and exit record of raw materials.

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