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1. According to the load capacity of process power and the index method of total building area of the enterprise, a general distribution equipment box is set on the first floor, a general distribution equipment box is set on each floor, and a distribution box is set in the laboratory room.
2. The number and type of power sockets on the real platform shall be designed according to the requirements of the experimental design scheme, and embedded in consideration of the development trend. Different types of power supply sockets are set on the test bench, fume hood and other equipment, respectively:
10A single multifunctional socket, 220V;
16A single-phase safe and reliable power socket, 220V;
16A single-phase electric safe and reliable power socket, 380V
3. Embedded special power supply and distribution system box, considering that the main power supply of the equipment that must still operate after the test is stopped must be connected.
4. Large instruments are designed to be separated and closed separately, considering the necessity of separate operation.
5. The load-bearing laboratory adopts a soft power supply and distribution system, and a quick socket is set on the ceiling. The connection and disconnection of power supply and distribution system modules can be considered, and the quick socket control module shall be appropriately embedded to integrate into the future development trend scheme.
6. According to the instrument, the lightning protection and grounding terminal box must be embedded, taking into account the separate grounding device of the instrument.
7. The darkroom is equipped with monochrome (red and yellow) lighting, and the entrance is equipped with operation status evacuation indicator. The microbial culture room is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamp, and its automatic switch is set at the door, which is separated from the automatic switch of lighting equipment in general.

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