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1. Water supply and drainage system software
The water supply and drainage of the testing laboratory is led out by the person in charge of water supply and drainage on a certain floor. The backflow preventer is set at the inlet pipe of the test tap water, and the rising down feeding branch pipe network is selected for water supply and drainage.
2. Drainage system
The test wastewater shall be relatively solved according to the provisions in the environmental impact assessment report of the project presented by relevant departments], and according to the wastewater treatment tank of Kunshan industrial base, a separate sewage pipe well shall be designed in the northwest of the room, and the sewage pipe gathers the wastewater from each floor and discharges it to the outdoor wastewater treatment machinery and equipment of Kunshan industrial base, It can only be discharged into the municipal engineering wastewater pipeline network after meeting the water discharge regulations.
After the waste water is collected according to the waste water collection bucket, the waste water treatment enterprise with qualification certificate shall clear and transport the waste on time for treatment.
3. Purified water design scheme
The design scheme of the purified water production room selects the water purification unit with built-in circulating system for production, electric operation of the water intake, automatic shutdown and maintenance of high-pressure and low-pressure, built-in water shortage alarm, information display of the whole line, alarm of raw water and purified water exceeding the standard, alarm of consumable disassembly and replacement, and timely and quantitative analysis of water production to ensure system optimization and purified water body.
4. Targeted design scheme
For the water supply and drainage of the testing laboratory, we select the internationally excellent "wet column", that is, the water supply and drainage of any testing laboratory is built according to the column, and the water supply and drainage pipeline is reserved in the column to avoid the impact of the lower water supply mode on the dry chemistry laboratory on the fourth floor.

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