Laboratory construction and transformation
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Laboratory system
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 Centralized gas supply system

Set leakage alarm equipment. Reasonably ensure the safety of flammable and explosive gas in the laboratory. The emergency exhaust system of the room is connected with the leakage alarm equipment. After the steam leakage is detected, the emergency exhaust


 Ecosystem system

We set an activated carbon filter in front of the smoke exhaust fan, which not only considers the provisions of relevant standards for the concentration value of steam discharged from the laboratory, but also can reasonably maintain the machinery and equi


 Drainage system

The water supply and drainage of the testing laboratory is led out by the person in charge of water supply and drainage on a certain floor. The backflow preventer is set at the inlet pipe of the test tap water, and the rising down feeding branch pipe netw


 Electrical system

According to the load capacity of process power and the index method of total building area of the enterprise, a general distribution equipment box is set on the first floor, a general distribution equipment box is set on each floor, and a distribution bo


 HVAC system

For the exhaust air volume of all-round natural ventilation in the laboratory, if there is a standard, it must be based on the diluent or the natural ventilation necessary to remove harmful substances or harmful substances in the room.

Strong strength to lay the foundation of the project

Mature team,Zhongcheng can be trusted

01 High production capacity guaranteed

Zhongcheng focuses on the R & D, production, sales and service of the overall laboratory equipment

  • QingdaoBase
  • CustomizedProduction
  • LaboratoryEquipment
  • MajorTeam
  • AdvancedProduction line
  • 365DayCash Only
02 High tech enterprise qualification
  • Complete qualification

    The factory won the quality 3A award
    Member of Environmental Protection Association
    High tech enterprises and other qualifications。

  • Quality assurance

    High quality raw materials
    High quality brand manufacturer
    Ensure product quality from the source

  • Strict detection

    Sound quality control system
    Multiple detection processes
    All products have passed ISO and other quality certification

  • Excellent team

    Production team and inspection team
    Effective control of production process and quality

03 Fine construction capacity
Standardized construction

The installation team shall standardize the construction process, construct in strict accordance with the construction process and construction schedule, and ensure the project quality and progress.

Strict acceptance

Strict acceptance system includes decoration, system engineering, equipment and other fields to ensure that the project passes the industry acceptance standards and is delivered on time.

Perfect service

Free technical training on maintenance and operation, 8 after-sales service vehicles, door-to-door problem solving and 24-hour online service.

Zhongcheng complies with the new trend of laboratory intelligenceThe intelligent system is freely configured, flexible and controllable

Intelligent monitoring

Connect with mobile network, TV network and other networks through various export methods

Intelligent operation

By installing the intelligent system, the mobile phone, iPad, computer, industrial touch screen and four in one remote control can be realized

Intelligent configuration

Communication access, telephone exchange, etc. can be selected.

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